HBTE Part 13

As she took a breath between sending reports to waiting and/or housebound members and agents and receiving more reports, she remembered what Mark had been like before the HDA Laws and how things had been with Leon.

Mark had attended most of their FAP events and had never left without a woman on his arm. A different woman each time. It didn’t take too long for him to acquire a reputation in FAP circles and for FAP members (mostly women then too) to start whispering to each other when they saw him – or considering his habits and attitude, spied him. He never seemed to show up at an event like anyone else, ready to say hello and purchase a ticket. There was always something underhand and furtive about the way he entered, and he was always late. He seemed to derive a kind of unholy joy in talking one of the ticket takers or the directors/coordinators of the event themselves into letting him in free or at a substantially reduced fee. He also took the same kind of joy in finding a place to smoke where people would notice but wouldn’t say anything.

Slimy skinny bastard is what she called him in bed. He appreciated it and called her fat delicious bitch.

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HBTE Part 12

Descriptionwise he fell somewhere in the netherworld between degenerate and scruffily handsome. He was of medium height, slim bordering on thin, and possessed of the ability to lose weight almost as easily as he rode his old motorbike. This, alas, made him invaluable to FAP. He had won enough HDA credits to start stockpiling different foodstuffs in the basement of his house, which was newer than the bike, but worn on the outside. “This way,” he explained to her at their last tryst, “they don’t suspect anything and they leave me alone.”

Never one to parlay sex into favors before the HDA Laws, she had become what she herself thought of as a credit whore, although it was only with him. In exchange for sex, he gave her enough stockpiled food to keep their Food Underground program going. This way FAP members and their friends and acquaintances didn’t have to go out of their houses and chance being noticed by the HDA staff and sent off to weigh-ins and the Re-Ed Centers.

And this wasn’t the first time he had spied for FAP by going to a weigh-in (which as often as not yielded some credits for him since he lost weight periodically to pick up credits when he went).

“See how useful I can be?” he reminded her smugly as they lay in bed. He even smoked afterwards. So typical, she thought. Unfortunately he tended to do that well, too.

In thought and remorse and guilt, she visited her main significant other Leon, who was the opposite of Jack in size: tall and muscled and wonderfully fat. She of course visited Leon when she could, making manically sure to keep him out of the claws of the weigh-ins and Re-Ed Centers.

I’m sorry, Lee, she told him in thought. I love you, and I am trying to keep you safe. Forgive me. She was sure he would do exactly that if he knew.

But telling him was still just about the last thing she wanted to do. In the waking horror that had seemingly morphed from nightmare into actuality and become the stuff of their mostly underground lives, she wanted to cling to the idea of something whole and happy and loving.

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HBTE Part 11

She debated as to whether she should alert one of their sleepers in the Holding Center, or if that would be too dangerous.

More desk thrumming.

She then remembered that there was a Weigh-in Center adjoining the Holding Center. The problem was, however, that if anyone who had previously avoided weigh-ins went to the Weigh-In Center, they would be expected to return every week and could count on weekly visits from HDA staff.

Then again, if anyone had actually lost weight, they received some kind of credit. She wasn’t quite sure what kind of credit, or how much one had to lose to receive it. She didn’t know anyone who had actually lost weight.

Oh..there was one person. But he was not a FAP member..not in the least..she shook her head and cursed the Health and Diet Laws for saddling her with the enormous and ridiculous necessity of having to call him.

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HBTE Part 10

All the drop-offs were proceeding on time and as planned..

Except for one.

FUP Agent 23, from the West Side, who was responsible for 7 drop-offs per week, had not yet accomplished one. She was also two hours overdue in reporting.

She thrummed her fingers on the desk. She hated to act prematurely and raise any kind of alarm unnecessarily, but two hours..

She checked her screen again. Agent 19 had accomplished her drop-offs for the day -she handled 12 per week- and two of them had been in an area of Madison not far from the Near West Side.

She texted Agent 19. “Agent 23 overdue. Seen or heard anything about probs on the West Side?”

She turned on the news screen.

There it was.

“Woman arrested in the middle of unauthorized food drop-off. Being held for questioning at an FDA Holding area.”

She felt her heart lurch. Agent 23 was a close and dear friend.

She texted Agent 19. “Stop drop-offs immediately. Get undercover. If not watched, get back home.If watched, make your way to Store 20 on Fish Hatchery.”

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HBTE Part 9

Each member enrolled in the Food Undercover Program (FUP, to those familiar with it and FU, to those who had enough of a sense of humor left to joke about it) was responsible for monitoring four other people who weren’t members but were receiving the service because they would be sent to a Re-Education Center immediately if they tried to shop at any markets or other food stores in their area. It was now required that people weigh themselves each time they entered a store from which they could buy food or a restaurant. Not that the overwhelming majority of restaurants offered that many interesting choices these days..

She checked her screen to see which FUP agents had checked in and how many of their drop-offs they had completed. FUP agents preferred to accomplish their drop-offs at night.

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HBTE Part 8

She sighed. It was time for the round-up of Field Agents.
She checked on all the positions: restaurants, lakes, shops, street alleys and corners, building entrances. Only one agent was not reporting, and that was from the computer service shop checkpoint. She was probably keeping as much undercover as she could.

So far so good.

Next she checked on the agents covering stay-at-home members of FAP, the overwhelming majority at this time. Some of the luckier ones had slimmer friends going to stores and slipping them food from the purchases they made on their own Food Cards. The food allowances were not large and were determined by weekly caloric requirements under HDA rules. Women who were not pregnant were generally not allowed more than 1800 calories a day. Women who were pregnant were allowed up to 2400 calories, unless it was determined that they were gaining weight.

The less lucky stay-at-home FAP’ers were those who didn’t have slimmer friends to slip food to them.

That is where the FAP Food Rescue program came in.

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HBTE Part 7

The Health and Diet Administration had adopted three standards for what they considered fatness. These mirrored the previous BMI categories. People whose BMI’s fell between 30 and 35 were subject to frequent visits by HDA personnel and warnings about their weight. They were told to lose weight, but as long as they didn’t gain, they faced “only” repeated visits and warnings.

People whose BMI’s were between 35 and 40 faced frequent visits and warnings and the ultimatum that if they didn’t get their weights down to the below-35 BMI category, they would be sent to a Re-Education Center. (The FAP Director was in this category.)

People whose BMI came in at above 40 were sent to a Re-Education Center automatically.

FAP now worked to keep as many people as they could out of the Re-Education Centers. At first, in the early days of the Health and Diet Laws, they had protested -through marches, letters, emails, phone calls and then through chaining themselves to the HDA Buildings. They had hoped to garner support through the chainings, she remembered, but by that time so many people had been brainwashed by the constant HDA stream of propaganda (“FAT PEOPLE ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY”) that the ones who viewed those who’d chained themselves to the HDA Buildings found it funny and jeered instead (“At least you’ll lose weight, fat pants”). One horrific incident had involved a group of teenage boys stripping one of the FAP members chained to one of the buildings. After that, chainings were considered too dangerous and FAP went underground.

With their emphasis and redefined mission, the agents now worked to alert FAP and their friends and sympathizers about imminent “assignments” to Re-Ed Centers. The sad and ironic thing, the Director thought, was that some of their agents who had lost a few pounds on the orders of HDA personnel were now regaining them and were also too weak to function anymore in the field. These members faced the greatest danger; regainers were subject to lifetime “assignments” to Re-Ed Centers.

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