HBTE Part 17

She found herself waiting a little impatiently for Marc’s response. True, he was a player and a heel of the worst sort, but he was so often their lifeline, their road to non-starvation in this Health and Diet hell the USA had brought upon itself..

But we didn’t, she thought. We were supposedly the majority.Why didn’t we speak up when we had the chance? Why didn’t we work day and night to convince people, convince everyone that a) health by any definition had nothing to do with how much one weighed, and b) health was not a number on a scale or a BMI, but how one felt and went about one’s days and life.

If only we had known..but that was fruitless.

She was about to try to text Marc again, although she wasn’t sure if it would do any good, when his response came.

“Just got weighed. As usual, got praised and earned a couple of credits. Probably good for some kind of tea, but the good stuff, the caffeinated kind, runs more on the black market. Looks like Agent 23 is still in line for the weigh-in, but too close to the head for me to try to ease her out somehow. Will keep watching.”

Unusually generous, she thought, for him to offer without stipulating what he wanted them to do later.

While waiting for his next text, she started to work on the supply requirements and traffic arrangements for the next day’s deliveries.


About franniez

Author of FatLand: A Novel and editor/author of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society, along with Kathy Barron, Anne Caplan, Corinna Makris and Lesleigh Owen.
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