HBTE Part 13

As she took a breath between sending reports to waiting and/or housebound members and agents and receiving more reports, she remembered what Mark had been like before the HDA Laws and how things had been with Leon.

Mark had attended most of their FAP events and had never left without a woman on his arm. A different woman each time. It didn’t take too long for him to acquire a reputation in FAP circles and for FAP members (mostly women then too) to start whispering to each other when they saw him – or considering his habits and attitude, spied him. He never seemed to show up at an event like anyone else, ready to say hello and purchase a ticket. There was always something underhand and furtive about the way he entered, and he was always late. He seemed to derive a kind of unholy joy in talking one of the ticket takers or the directors/coordinators of the event themselves into letting him in free or at a substantially reduced fee. He also took the same kind of joy in finding a place to smoke where people would notice but wouldn’t say anything.

Slimy skinny bastard is what she called him in bed. He appreciated it and called her fat delicious bitch.


About franniez

Author of FatLand: A Novel and editor/author of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society, along with Kathy Barron, Anne Caplan, Corinna Makris and Lesleigh Owen.
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