HBTE Part 10

All the drop-offs were proceeding on time and as planned..

Except for one.

FUP Agent 23, from the West Side, who was responsible for 7 drop-offs per week, had not yet accomplished one. She was also two hours overdue in reporting.

She thrummed her fingers on the desk. She hated to act prematurely and raise any kind of alarm unnecessarily, but two hours..

She checked her screen again. Agent 19 had accomplished her drop-offs for the day -she handled 12 per week- and two of them had been in an area of Madison not far from the Near West Side.

She texted Agent 19. “Agent 23 overdue. Seen or heard anything about probs on the West Side?”

She turned on the news screen.

There it was.

“Woman arrested in the middle of unauthorized food drop-off. Being held for questioning at an FDA Holding area.”

She felt her heart lurch. Agent 23 was a close and dear friend.

She texted Agent 19. “Stop drop-offs immediately. Get undercover. If not watched, get back home.If watched, make your way to Store 20 on Fish Hatchery.”


About franniez

Author of FatLand: A Novel and editor/author of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society, along with Kathy Barron, Anne Caplan, Corinna Makris and Lesleigh Owen.
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