Part 2

Minta had drawn what was usually considered an easy assignment – getting her smartpad repaired. Most of the techies in the stores didn’t pay much attention to the way people looked. They mostly wanted to show off to each other about how quickly they could identify problems and how easily they could solve them.

But when she walked into Mike’s CompCare on a downtown sidestreet, she spotted a new guard at the door. And he wore the Health and Diet Admin uniform – grey and white with the HDA logo of a heart pierced by a celery stick.

Why oh why, she wondered, would an HDA admin be guarding a tech place? It made no sense.

She typed on her cell, “Unexpected obstacle at shop. HDA Admin. Recommendations?”

In a few seconds the reply came. “Observe actions for the space of ten minutes. See who is questioned. Then use judgment about proceeding.”

Always passing the buck, she thought. But that wasn’t Central’s fault. They couldn’t see or feel an atmosphere in a particular venue; she could.



About franniez

Author of FatLand: A Novel and editor/author of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society, along with Kathy Barron, Anne Caplan, Corinna Makris and Lesleigh Owen.
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